6 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

Friday, March 2nd, 2018 by Hannah Lagaly

6 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home - Image 1
Thinking about selling your home? Below are six tips to help you get the most money, and increase the value of your house! 
1)  One of the most straightforward, and cost-effective improvements of all time is paint! Newly painted rooms look clean and updated, and that means value. When selecting paint colors try and keep the color neutral because that will appeal to the most people and it will make your home more desirable. Depending on the type of paint you buy 1 gallon is going to cost somewhere around 30 dollars leaving enough room in your budget to buy rollers, painter's tape, drop cloths and brushes. 
2) Simple bathroom updates typically equal a significant return.
It's always a smart move to update your bathroom when considering selling a home because it usually doesn't cost too much and makes a big difference in the homeowner's eyes. Even if a full-scale bathroom remodel is not in your budget, small changes such as replacing old wallpaper, upgrading your sink or replacing old lighting will update the room without emptying your wallet.
3) Replace your conventional water heater with a tankless model. 
The old-fashioned water heaters typically only keep around 50 gallons of water hot at all times whether you are using it or not. Tankless water heaters only heat the water you need as it is required. A tankless water heater won't just save you money immediately but is an eco-friendly and cost-effective update that most homebuyers today are looking for.
4) If your front door is the same one from when you initially bought or built the home, then it's probably time to paint it or swap it out for a lighter more energy efficient one. A vibrant coat of paint can completely transform an entry space and make your home appear more inviting. 
5) Improve and optimize storage space. People love to have a spot for everything, so increasing the amount of storage space is a great way to increase value in the homebuyers eyes. Adding hanging space and shelving to your garage or organizational systems your closets is a simple, cost-effective way to more storage! 
6) An encapsulated crawl space is an attractive selling feature for multiple reasons. It adds more storage space, and a damp, moldy crawl space will cost you more by de-valuing your home, and you could potentially lose buyers.

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