Six Innovative Products for Your Next Bathroom Remodel

Wednesday, March 28th, 2018 by Hannah Lagaly

Today we see cutting-edge technology in our cars, wallets, offices, and in various other places in our lives, so why not include technology in your next bathroom remodel. 

Six Innovative Products for Your Next Bathroom Remodel - Image 1
1. Digital shower controls: Instead of the traditional way of turning on the shower why not turn it on from your phone or a separate control panel? Devices like the U by Moen allow you to control your shower using wifi technology. You can turn the shower on and off, and pause it. Beyond managing the shower system, you can set up showering preferences, such as temperature, within the smartphone app. Once you have created personalized modes in the app, you can pick which shower command you want to start with just a simple tap, and you can even use your voice. The shower system allows for voice commands because it is an Amazon’s Alexa-enabled device. You can speak to Alexa to turn on the shower and give it specific instructions. Although products like the U aren't a necessity, it is just another example of technology that can save you time!

Six Innovative Products for Your Next Bathroom Remodel - Image 2
2. Smart mirrors: When you’re doing your daily morning routines such as shaving or applying makeup, bright lighting is extremely helpful because it gives you extra visibility. Now thanks to technology you can get the bathroom vanity light on command, without pressing a single button. The Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror by Kohler is another excellent Alexa-enabled product because you can use your voice to increase or decrease the lighting.

Six Innovative Products for Your Next Bathroom Remodel - Image 3

3. Radiant Flooring: While radiant flooring is nothing new, the technology for it has improved drastically to make you even more comfortable. Imagine stepping out of your shower to an ideally warm floor. Much like a smart thermostat, smart radiant floor accessories work over Wi-Fi to change the temperature from your smartphone and watch your energy usage. It also learns your habits so that you can have comfortable flooring on your schedule.

Six Innovative Products for Your Next Bathroom Remodel - Image 4

4. High-tech toilets: Although these don't look much different from your standard toilet on the outside, a high-tech toilet has features that aren’t obvious until you begin using it. For example, the lid can automatically open and close, and it can flush by itself after each use. This toilet even has water streams that can wash your rear. The toilet is coated with a ceramic glaze that decreases bacteria accumulation and reduces microbial growth and debris. Inside the bowl, the water stays fresh thanks to an electrolysis process. Each flush uses only 1.28 gallons of water, making this toilet an eco-friendly, sustainable choice.

Six Innovative Products for Your Next Bathroom Remodel - Image 5

5. Innovative faucets: Touch-free bathroom faucets have become common, especially in business's restrooms. Not only do they stop people from leaving the water running, but they also are more hygienic than conventional options because you don’t have to touch the faucet handles to turn them on and off. However, those faucets can be difficult, because they usually require placing the hands in specific positions. Delta wants to make it easier to turn on these high-tech faucets with its new sensing technology. This faucet innovation is different from the sensors you typically see because it recognizes the presence of a person’s hands anywhere around the fixture. Additionally, you can start or stop the flow of water by tapping the lever-style handle at the top or any section of the spout. This technology could also prevent you from having to clean the fixture as often because people won’t dirty it with their hands every time they use it.

Six Innovative Products for Your Next Bathroom Remodel - Image 6

6.Automated Lighting: In the middle of the night, the last thing you want to do is fumble around in the dark to find your bathroom light, or, turn one off that has been left on. Automatic lighting controls can be programed with your phone, allowing you to turn them on and off with just a swipe! Automated lighting controls are just what you need for your bathroom; there are many types you can choose from with some models offering a dimming option.

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