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The Secret Problem Causer


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After a long hard day of work, you get home, open up your french doors that lead to your back porch, have a seat and unwind. You are looking directly at a beautiful inter-coastal waterway that is being kissed by the vibrant Lowcountry sun. Fiery orange tinged with delicate yellow and purple colors explode across the sky. The warm, humid air brushes up against your face as you sit and bask in all the beauty that Charleston has to offer. You think to yourself, "How did I get so lucky to be able to live in such astonishing, breathtaking place?" You notice a dark plump storm cloud coasting in from a distance and decide to head inside. The rain comes in droves, as it usually does soaking the surrounding land as well as the outside of your home. That familiar sound of the rain battering the roof puts you at ease, and you are confident that your home is protected from the weather of the outside world. Or so you thought......

Your children will be home from soccer practice soon, so you go into the kitchen to start dinner. That is when you notice the floors have begun to buckle. After some surfing on the web, you come across New Age Contractors website and give them a call to redo the floors of your kitchen.

The next day a technician is sent to your home to complete a free estimate on the work that needs to be done when he says, "In my experience buckling floors usually mean there is an excess amount of moisture in the crawl space area." Confused and unsure of what this means you ask, "how could this be?"

"A crawl space that is not encapsulated (protected from moisture) can cause a magnitude of problems in your home: the floors can buckle from the moisture beneath them, dangerous mold can grow, the wood can rot, and sometimes an unpleasant odor can seep out of the crawlspace and into your home. Fortunately, we have an excellent crawl space team, and I would be happy to have one of them come out here and take a look for you." Proclaims the technician.

"Wow, that would be awesome let's do that right away. Should I be really worried about this?" You ask.

"The mold can cause some health problems and contaminate the air that is being circulated throughout your house. Unclean air can sometimes lead to severe allergy or asthma problems in your children and family. Also, if the wood rot goes untreated, it can cause some structural damage. We can do a number of things that will reduce the amount of moisture in your crawl space and prevent problems like these from occurring in the future." Replies the technician.


Two days later Steve Gaskins arrives on the scene for another free estimate to further inspect your crawl space, and he finds that the initial technician's fears were correct. New Age Contractors then performs a number of repairs and preventative measures.


 Your crawl space is now protected, your floors are no longer buckling, and all of your worries have now dissipated. However, now you think it might be time for a kitchen remodel?


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