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A Story of a Screened-In-Porch

Thursday, February 15th, 2018 by Hannah Lagaly

A Story of a  ScreenedInPorch - Image 1
Imagine this.... 
It is a warm 85 degrees outside, and it's Saturday in June, you wake up well rested from a good nights sleep recovering from the draining work week. You go downstairs to see your kids playing in the backyard and your husband starting on breakfast in the kitchen. You pour yourself a cup of coffee and step outside, and immediately the crisp, sharp grass tickles your bare feet. A mosquito then lands on your arm, and you swat it away spilling a bit of coffee on your shirt. You look across the yard to see your kids playing but can't because the hot, bright Charleston sun is blinding your eyes. 
You stand their, coffee stained, itchy, and sweaty. You think to yourself, "Wouldn't it be nice if we had a screened-in-porch added to the back of the house?" You walk inside and bring up the idea to your husband. After some discussion, you both decide to start looking for contractors in the Charleston area that can build screened-in-porches.  
After doing some research online, you find New Age Contractors and see that they have positive reviews, can build screened-in-porches and you give them a call. 
"Hello, you've reached New Age Contractors this is Alexis speaking, how can I help you?" A cheerful voice rings out over the phone.
"Yes, hi I was wondering if you guys build screened-in-porches? I am located in the Charleston area." You reply.
"New Age Contractors does, in fact, build screened-in-porches, let me transfer you to our appointment center."
And just like that, you have an appointment set up with New Age Contractors to come out and perform a free estimate on the work that needs to be done for the porch! 
Fast forward a few months... and imagine this.... 
It’s a refreshing 70 degrees outside, and it’s Sunday morning in September, you wake up from a good nights sleep and head downstairs. You see your kids playing in the backyard and turn to your kitchen to start on a pot of coffee. As you wait, the familiar coffee aroma fills the air, and you start looking around your kitchen and think maybe its time to have New Age Contractors remodel it. You push that thought aside, fill up your coffee cup and head to the new screened-in-porch. You set your coffee down on an end table and take a seat on your swinging bench. A cool breeze ruffles through the porch, you pick up your coffee, sit back and smile. 
Imagine no longer! Call New Age Contractors and set up an appointment for a free estimate. What better time to start on your screened-in-porch construction then right now? 

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