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Mold Remediation in Dorchester, SC

During an inspection of this Dorchester, SC crawlspace, a New Age Contractor technician took air humidity readings between 74%-79%. In order to fight against fungal activity, dust mites, and mold, the humidity in a crawlspace should be kept at a safe range of less than 60%.

To resolve this issue, the dedicated New Age Contractors team cleaned out this crawlspace, treated it for mold, and replaced the affected floor joist and subfloor.

Now this homeowner can rest easy knowing that his crawlspace is mold free and will be protected for many years to come!

Mold Remediation in Summerville, SC

Treating the unseen mold in crawl space can help with the health of your loved ones in the home. People underestimate how damaging crawl space humidity can be. Don't let your health be compromised, call for an inspection and estimate today!

Microbial Mold Growth in a Mount Pleasant Crawlspace

This Mount Pleasant crawlspace had air humidity readings between 80%-81% whereas the safe range is less than 60%. The wood moisture readings were 10% higher than the safe level, and overall moisture readings in the insulation were 36% over than the recommended level. The moisture in the crawlspace was causing mold to grow in the joist system and subfloor, and if the current high humidity conditions persisted, the colonies would have continued to spread leading to wood rot and health risk.  Fortunately, one of our technicians was sent to the scene to perform an antimicrobial treatment on all the joist, and subfloor surfaces and to install a vapor barrier. This crawlspace also received a new Honeywell dehumidifier and crawlspace door. All of the mold problems were alleviated, and this Mount Pleasant home is protected from future damage.

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