Crawl Space Mold & Mildew Problems

Crawl Space Mold & Mildew

Nasty crawl space in Charleston, SC

Mold growth led to wood rot in this South Carolina crawl space.

Mold in your Charleston crawl space? We can help!

Is there a foul odor in your home? Have you or a loved one noticed an increase in asthma and allergy flare-ups? These signs could indicate a mold or mildew problem in your crawl space.

Maintain your crawl space for a lifetime with the help of the experts at New Age Contractors. We offer highly effective solutions for mold and mildew growth in your crawl space. Give us a call at 1-844-676-4349 or click below to schedule a free estimate!

How do I know if I have a mold problem?

If you think you may have a problem with mildew or mold in your crawl space, but want to be sure, the best course of action is to contact a professional. However, you may also recognize the following symptoms:

  • Musty Smells
  • Persistent Cough or Cold
  • Asthma or Allergy Flare-ups
  • Furry White Patches on Walls
  • Water Stains on Baseboards
  • Warped Floors & Walls
  • Crawl Space Wood Rot
  • Pest Infestations

If the above signs are familiar to you, now might be the time to get in touch with a specialist like New Age Contractors. Prolonged exposure to mold and mildew can have negative impacts on not only your home, but your health as well.

Rotting insulation in crawl space

Nasty crawl space in Charleston.

Why do I have mold in my crawl space?

Much like the basement, the nature of your crawl space lends itself to moisture issues and mildew growth. Crawl spaces are dark and often damp due to moisture from the ground or other causes. Mold forms essentially wherever oxygen and moisture are present, so it's no surprise that crawl spaces can become a breeding ground for mold.

Crawl space mold questions & answers

Can a moldy crawl space make me sick?

Mold is a fungal growth that helps break down plant and animal matter, and can be found in a variety of places where oxygen and moisture are present. Mold is an example of an environmental allergen, and, according to the Cleveland Clinic, one in five people in the United States have environmental allergies. So, mold in your crawl space can in fact make you sick, causing runny noses, rashes, and other symptoms.

Should I worry about mold in my crawl space?

Mold in your crawl space can have a number of negative effects on your entire home. Not only can mold in your crawl space lead to wood rot, resulting in structural damage, but it also impacts your indoor air quality, leading to poor health outcomes for you and your family. This includes sneezing, coughing, wheezing, burning eyes, stuffy nose, skin rash, and more.

So, in short, you should worry about your crawl space. However, New Age Contractors can help you with any and all of your crawl space problems. Just give us a call!

Is it common to have mold in the crawl space?

Mold can be found in nearly every place where oxygen and moisture are present, both in nature and beyond. Your crawl space is the perfect environment for mold growth since it is surrounded by wet soil. With a significant number of homes in the United States having a vented crawl space, it is not uncommon for homeowners to find mold in their crawl space.

What do I do about mold in my crawl space?

Moldy wood in the crawl space

New Age Contractors can help you deal with mold in your crawl space.

Ideally, it is important to prevent mold and mildew from growing in the crawl space in the first place. However, that is not always possible. Once you've noticed mold or mildew in the crawl space, it is important to reach out to a mold removal specialist to handle existing mold problems. After that, New Age Contractors can help ensure that mold and mildew are never a problem again in your crawl space with effective crawl space waterproofing, encapsulation, and humidity control.

Plus, New Age Contractors offers free, no-obligation crawl space repair estimates in Charleston, Summerville, Mount Pleasant, Johns Island, North Charleston, Ladson, Goose Creek, Hanahan, Isle of Palms, Moncks Corner, and the surrounding areas. Give us a call at 1-844-676-4349 or simply click below to schedule yours today!

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